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Rainbow Boas - Natural History & Captive Husbandry

Livres serpents en anglais

Rainbow Boas - Natural History & Captive Husbandry Chimaira

BELLOSA, H., BISPLINGHOF, H.  2012, 223 pages, 222 photos.



With their book, Henry Bellosa and Hans Bisplinghof provide a comprehensive treatise on the subject: taxonomical considerations of these species and their subspecies are discussed in detail, as they have remained the focus of scientific debate to this day. Their ecologies and distribution in South and Central America are described before their husbandry requirements and propagation in human care are portrayed. 

Conveying detailed know-how, the recommendations regarding keeping these snakes in captivity are complemented by a separate chapter by Frank Mutschmann, DVM, dealing from a clinical perspective with the most common health issues rainbow boas may encounter in a terrarium. 

Following the trend of our time, Rainbow Boas ends with an overview of the breeding of colour morphs, which have gained substantially in importance in giant snake keeping during the past years. It has been authored by another competent author, John Berry. 

Rainbow Boas is very well done and something no keeper of giant snakes, and no keeper of rainbow boas in particular, can do without. It is a standard reference that will be a great success and find wide acceptance everywhere.

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